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Client Experiences

Our tour guide was very knowledgeable, energetic and personable she also have great advice about things to afterwards

Alade Eason

Sara was fantastic. A lot of inside info only a knowledgeable resident of PR would know. Highly recommended!

Adrian Hochstadt

A great tour with lots of history from a Boricuan! Once the tour had finished, our guide gave us food recommendations and places to visit. Totally recommended.

Emma Loughrey

Sara was very knowledgeable and made the tour very interesting.

Marga Verdeal

Sara was a wonderful, personable guide. She was passionate and quite knowledgeable

David Krause

The tour was the perfect length at just over two hours with a few stops for people to rest or take pictures.

Zella Christenson

The walking tour was great. It was a really hot day and everyone in my group still enjoyed it. I really love learning about some of the history of old San Juan.

Kevinisha Hood

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